Best-Selling Personalized Voice Message Gifts

    Mini-Me recorder product detail
    Mini-Me recorder product how to record
    from $11.99
    Main Image of Product
    Product Size
    Upgraded Voice-Over®
    from $11.99
    voice lp card open
    voice lp card held  and charging
    from $22.99
    Video Book
    Memory Box
    Midnight Blue
    Midnight Blue
    Midnight Blue Salmon/Lime
    Ring Box
    from $27.99

    Looking for the best-selling personalized voice message gifts? VoiceGift has you covered! Our best-selling gifts include recordable teddy bears, greeting cards, and stuffed animals. You can also create your own custom voice message gift by recording your own message and uploading it to our website.

    Whether you're shopping for a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or just because, VoiceGift has the perfect gift for everyone. Our voice message gifts are a unique and thoughtful way to show your loved ones how much you care.