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Give a voice to your favorite plush toys and furry friends, make pillows more musical or give a special quilt a special message. Add multiple messages, up to 60-seconds of audio to gifts, crafts and costumes — or anything else you want to bring to life with sound. Press it, hug it, squeeze it. Make gifts and crafts speak and sing! It’s called the Mini-Me so you can put a little bit of you into anything you gift or make.
  • Device holds up to 60-second capacity
  • Record and playback multiple messages
  • Perfect for music, sound effects and voice messages
  • 3 x AG10 batteries included
  • Product Dimensions: 1.75" diameter x .75" thickness
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The perfect

addition to any gift!

1.75 inches
1.75 inches
3/4 inches

Bring furry friends to life!

Make a memory-filled quilt or pillow.

Make that costume roooooar!


Since the Mini-Me recorder can be inserted into a plush doll, pillow, quilt or even a T-Shirt or costume don’t be tempted to throw it into the wash. It contains electronics which will be damaged by excessive moisture or water. Be sure to remove it from the item prior to putting it into the wash or alternatively, after recording your audio, place it in a sealed bag or enclosure that is impervious to water. The sound will still be heard but the electronics will be safe!
If you’re not happy with the volume or clarity of your recording, experiment with holding the device closer or further away from your mouth and with lowering or raising your voice level… until you are satisfied.
Put the selector switch in the REC position and be sure to Press AND HOLD the button for the duration of your recording. You can release when you are finished recording or when you reach the capacity of the unit. Put the selector switch into PLAY position and press the button MOMENTARILY to listen to your recording.
The recorder was designed and optimized to record human voice. You can experiment with holding the recorder at varying distances from your speaker and also experiment with increasing and lowering the volume on your speaker to see if you can get acceptable results.
The batteries included with the unit are designed to play (and replay the message) over 500 times under normal usage. When the unit no longer plays the message, you need to replace the batteries. Follow the instructional video here and use a flat head screwdriver to remove the plastic cover. Remove the circuit board holding the batteries and use the screwdriver to nudge the batteries out of their holders. Take note of the polarity (plus and minus side) of the batteries and replace them with fresh LR44 (AG13) button-cell batteries. Replace the circuit board into the housing and snap the plastic cover back into place.
Yes! We use non-volatile memory in all of our products which does not require power to save your recordings.
If when you sleep or travel with your furry friend, you wish to silence it… feel free to put the selector switch in OFF position.
Repeat the steps to record and record over your previous messages. In more detail; put the selector switch into REC mode and Press and hold the button to record your first new message. This message and any additional messages that you record during this recording session will automatically replace the previous messages.
Yes, You can re-record as many times as you wish. Just repeat steps to record over previous recording.
You have to record the multiple messages during the same recording session. Every time you switch the selector switch from PLAY to REC and press the button. It erases all previous messages and starts a new recording session.
We suggest that you open up the seam of the plush at the paw or other contained space, insert the device and re-sew.