Your music and voice are the perfect way to express your feelings. Now you can send a gift with a VoiceGift tag that plays your music dedication when your gift is unwrapped and for years
to come. 

We call it VoiceGifting™

Once you've expressed yourself,
picking a gift is fun & easy,
never stressful.



All of our gifts are delivered with
a VoiceGift Tag that plays your
personal voice dedication.

We've licensed 30 second clips of your favorite music curated to perfectly express your emotions. Pick a song based on the occasion, holiday, genre or decade.

If you prefer to just send a voice dedication without music, just click on the SKIP button to skip to Voice.


Here's your opportunity to dedicate your song or just record a message
that expresses the thought behind
your gift. 

You can record up to a 30-second message. (60 seconds, if you don't pick music.) We'll magically mix your voice dedication with
your music!

In case you want to collect your thoughts we provide a note pad for you to make some notes before you record
your message.

If you picked a song, we provide the lyrics to inspire you.

If your celebrating a special occasion, we also offer some message suggestions. 

If you prefer to just send music without a voice dedication, just click on the SKIP button to skip to GIFT selection.


Once you have the perfect message to accompany your gift, picking the right gift is surprisingly easy, even meaningful, as you picture the expression on her face when she first sees your gift and hears
your dedication.

We offer a growing selection of the freshest flowers, most sumptuous treats, hug-gable teddys as well as  gifts for the kitchen, bar and grill. We offer edible gifts, home goods, electronic gadgets and pretty much anything that anybody would want..... all delivered with your VoiceGift Tag which plays at the magical moment of unwrapping and for years to come.

While you're shopping for your gift, be sure and click on the sound button to listen to your audio dedication. (It follows you wherever you shop!) Think of how he'll feel every time he looks at that gift!

If you prefer to just send a VoiceGift Tag without a gift, just click on the SKIP button to skip Gifts.