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Memory Box

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Memory Box holds more than just keepsakes — it also keeps the voice of those you love! Each time the gold button is pressed, it plays a special message, a voice of support, a first word or a parting message. Fill the Memory box with jewelry or make-up, keepsakes and souvenirs, your favorite things and priceless mementos. You can also add a photo or leave the mirror as-is. You (or your giftee) can record a single message or multiples — sing a song, recite a poem, ask them “who’s the fairest one of all?”
  • Up to 60-second capacity
  • Holds jewelry, keepsakes, photos and more!
  • Record & play back multiple messages
  • 3 x AG13 replaceable batteries included
  • Product Dimensions: 4 ½ x 7 ½ x 3 ¼ “
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The perfect

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4.5 inches
7.5 inches
3 1/4 inches

Record easily & save forever

Who's the fairest of them all?

All of your favorite things


To record a message on the Memory Box you need to insert (and hold) a pen into the hole marked REC to activate the recessed REC button. We want to make sure that your special recording is saved for a very long time — the REC switch is recessed to make it easy to record your message but difficult to inadvertently delete.
If you’re not happy with the volume or clarity of your recording, experiment with holding the device closer or further away from your mouth and with lowering or raising your voice level… until you are satisfied.
Remember that you have to press and hold down your pen on the recessed REC button for the duration of your recording. You can release when you are finished recording or when you reach the 60-second recording capacity.
The recorder was designed and optimized to record human voice. You can experiment with holding the recorder at varying distances from your speaker and also experiment with increasing and lowering the volume on your speaker to see if you can get acceptable results.
The batteries included are designed to play and replay a message over 300 times under normal usage. When the unit no longer plays the message, you need to replace the batteries. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the child-safety screw and remove the battery door. Replace with fresh AG13 (L1154F) Alkaline button-cell batteries and make sure the +/- on the batteries are correctly placed in the unit.
Yes! We use non-volatile memory in all of our products which does not require power to save your recordings.
The mirror has a felt border on each side that is designed to hold a standard 3 ½ x 5” photo. Simply slide the photo under the felt border on one side of the mirror and then slide the photo to the other side so that it’s held by both borders.