A New Way To Gift™
A New Way To Gift™

Welcome to VoiceGifting™ - A New Way To Gift™

If it's the thought behind the gift that matters, then why make it an afterthought?

Why express the emotions behind your gift at the end and why limit your message to 250 characters or less?

Why would your message be printed on the shipping label of a cardboard box?

VoiceGift™ is A New Way To Gift™ where you get to express the sentiments behind your gift in your own voice and by selecting music that perfectly captures the emotions of the moment or the joy of the season.

We call it VoiceGifting™.  A VoiceGift™ Tag is delivered with every gift purchased on our VoiceGifting™ platform.  It's a physical gift tag that contains our proprietary voice chip that magically plays your music dedication whenever its squeezed.

On the VoiceGift platform you'll find catalogs of music for every occasion, emotion and genre.  Once you've selected your music, you can record a personal dedication in your own voice.  Our VoiceGifting™ platform mixes your voice dedication with your chosen music to create a music dedication that the recipient can play over an over again.... long after the chocolates have been devoured and the flowers have wilted.

This is a A New Way To Gift™ that reinvents the time-old tradition of hand-selecting, wrapping, and personally delivering a gift, but with a twist.  Without having to fuddle with wrapping paper or tie a bow, your gift arrives and through your voice dedication, you are magically there when the gift arrives and is unwrapped!

VoiceGifting is bringing back the delight of regularly sending and receiving gifts for a new generation and seamlessly allowing an online shopper to add a meaningful and enjoyable personalized message to a gift.  VoiceGifting brings the thoughtfulness back to modern gift-giving, while at the same time reducing the anxiety associated with selecting a gift.

VoiceGifting is truly A New Way To Gift™