A New Way To Gift™
A New Way To Gift™

Becoming a Partner

VoiceGift® is a Voice-First platform for a new generation of gift-givers.  We offer the highest quality gifts which deliver a voice dedication and music from the sender.

We're looking for partners....


If you can provide content that can enhance gift expression, we should talk.

Whether you're a record label, indie artist or a poet, if you can provide audio content that will enable gift-givers to express their inner emotions, we'd like to hear from you.

Music and sound have a unique way of touching the soul and triggering an emotion or a memory.  Every ethnicity, religious group, nationality or sport has its own sound and music and we want to insure that every VoiceGift user can find the soundtrack for their gift.  We're looking for partners who can deliver Sports play-calls and cheers, artists who can create jingles or inspirational quotes.  If you can deliver meaningful content or better yet, a passionate and vocal community of creators.. Let's make some noise together.

Gift Merchandise

Our gift-givers want best-in class-gifts.  If you deliver the freshest flowers, most scrumptious baked-goods, chocolates or gift baskets we would love to offer your gift-ware on our platform. We can also discuss providing your brand with a white-label version of VoiceGift.  Let's talk